Women Push for Lactation Rooms in Courthouses

In courthouses throughout the country attorney moms nonetheless don’t have any choice but to explicit their breast milk in public toilets, where they face frequent interruptions and unsanitary conditions. But some ladies lawyers are pushing to alternate the shortage of breastfeeding motels in courthouses. They’ve succeeded in getting the American Bar Association House of Delegates in January […]

The Indian Women Who Fought Their Way Into the Legal Profession

India, a newspaper published by means of the Indian News Agency from London, Bombay and Poona metropolis reported on September 1, 1916, that the ‘modern strive on the part of a woman to break her birth’s invidious bar and get inside the defenses of a strictly guarded profession become made by way of a Bengali […]

Govt asked to give an explanation for law on harassment of ladies at administrative center

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government to assist it in deciding whether a federal regulation on safety against harassment of girls at workplace enacted to honor global commitments have to prevail or the provinces can also adopt their very own legal guidelines at the situation. And if the federal law needed to […]

A frat-like mentality’: is the criminal place of business enhancing for women?

Last month, a frustrated junior barrister publicly entreated colleagues to stop acting like they’re on a “stag do” if they want to hold girls at the bar. “Don’t ask the lady counsel to fetch the espresso [or] pour your water,” she tweeted. “Try to recollect their names. Don’t make repetitive jokes about breasts or skirts. […]

Eight Laws That Helped Women Make History In The Workforce

One of the defining fights of women’s records within the U.S. Is proper to paintings on the same phrases. It’s truthful to mention that the federal government has not usually been a best friend in that effort, but there are times whilst—even inadvertently—it has helped improve closer to that aim. As an employment legal professional […]