UT’s Center for Women in Law executive director resigns from her post following reports of racism

The executive director of the UT Center for Women in Law, Linda Bray Chanow, resigned from her position effective immediately on the same day The Daily Texan reported on accusations of a hostile work environment perpetrated by her against women of color. In her resignation, obtained by the Texan, Chanow did not acknowledge the accusations […]

Iran: Pro-authorities vigilantes attack women for standing up against pressured hijab legal guidelines

A series of movies shared on social media in recent weeks have shed mild at the day by day harassment and violent attacks ladies in Iran face on the fingers of morality police and pro-authorities vigilantes in search of to implement the country’s forced hijab (veiling) legal guidelines, stated Amnesty International. The motion pictures show […]

SCOTUS Pioneers, Past, Present and Future: Belva Lockwood and Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I these days had the wonderful honor of assembly Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg after I become sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court on June 11, 2018. Although her stature turned into slight and her voice hushed, her presence changed into powerful. Justice Ginsburg’s capacity to carry the room whilst addressing my fellow New […]

The GOP desires to forestall a law that protects ladies because it additionally protects trans humans

The House Judiciary Committee voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, however now not after having to dam Republican’s attempts to use the VAWA fight to do away with protections for transgender human beings. VAWA became to begin with surpassed in 1991, however has protected protections for homosexual, bisexual, and transgender people seeing that […]

Billable-Hour Model Hurts Women’s Careers, Say Female Lawyers

The billable-hour version has been positioned under numerous scrutiny in recent years, with many clients and some law firms trying to move far away from the traditional model in favor of alternative flat-price arrangements. But with the good-sized majority of firms nonetheless counting on billed hours to invoice their customers or just to degree intimate performance, […]


While speakme at an occasion to honor his us of a’s female law enforcement officers earlier this week, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte noted his crowd as “putas.” In translation, it method a variety of different matters, relying on which us of a you’re in. But none of them are good. The translation into English means “b—h,” […]

The Safety of Women Panel on Greek Domestic Violence Law at UN (Vid & Pics)

NEW YORK – The Safety of Women: Penal Mediation in Greek Domestic Violence Legislation panel on the United Nations on March 12 traced the historical development of domestic violence legislation and highlighted global perspectives on prison reforms and judicial responses as part of a comprehensive technique to cope with home violence. The panel also reviewed provisions […]