The Canadian government has launched the especially practical results of its big, year-lengthy review of copyright regulation

Editor’s note: Whenever governments review their copyright, one of two things happens: either they only listen to industry reps and then come to the “conclusion” that more copyright is always better, or they listen to stakeholders and experts and conclude that a little goes a long way. Normally, when the latter happens, the government that […]

Writers concerned they might not get paid under new copyright law

The Marrakesh Treaty, which New Zealand agreed to sign up to in 2017, could permit more people to import and convert books into Braille, big print or audio – giving people with a print incapacity faster get right of entry to to a wide kind of fabric. Changes need to be made the present Copyright […]

Gigi Hadid wants an alternate in copyright regulation for her Instagram account

Everyone has had the sensation at the least as soon as of their lives that they ought to be the ones making selections on numerous social media networks. This can especially be authentic when you have more than 48 million fans on Instagram. We are speaking approximately Gigi Hadid. The well-known model thinks that she […]

Houston School District Ordered To Pay $nine.2 Million In Copyright Infringement Case

The data of the case are pretty easy. DynaStudy created a number of study guides. These courses had been apparently particularly helpful, so the main of a Houston high faculty bought some, made copies, then distributed them to students. The look at guides blanketed a specific assertion on the bottom, “Copying this fabric is exactly […]

Artist’s copyright infringement in shape heads to US Supreme Court

In a case, this is because of being argued before the US Supreme Court q4, a producer and director who filmed the salvaging of an 18th-century pirate ship in North Carolina have sued nation officials for infringing on his copyright without his permission and failing to compensate him for his work. The case ought to […]

Explainer: our copyright laws and the Australian Aboriginal flag

Reports that Aboriginal-owned agencies and the AFL have received cease and desist warnings over their use of the Aboriginal flag on clothing have left many Australians surprised and careworn. A business enterprise referred to as WAM Clothing, not owned with the aid of Indigenous Australians, presently has extraordinary rights to apply the flag on apparel. […]

When Congress Cancelled State Immunity for Copyright Infringement, Did it Violate the U.S. Constitution?

Issue Presented: Whether Congress validly abrogated country sovereign immunity via the Copyright Remedy Clarification Act in presenting treatments for authors of authentic expression whose federal copyrights are infringed by way of states. Issue Restated in Opposition: The Copyright Remedy Clarification Act purports to abrogate the States’ sovereign immunity for alleged violations of federal copyright law. […]

Paradigm Shift 2: More recommended modifications to Canadian copyright law introduced

On June three, 2019, Parliament’s Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology launched its Statutory Review of the Copyright Act. Section ninety-two of the Copyright Act mandates that the Act must be reviewed every 5 years by using a parliamentary committee, and this Statutory Review turned into the first comprehensive review conducted because of the […]

The Law©?

No one owns the regulation, because the regulation belongs to everybody. It’s a precept that seems so apparent that most people wouldn’t give it a 2d idea. But that’s what is at trouble in Georgia v. Public.Resource.Org, a case about whether or not the State of Georgia can assert copyright in its annotated country code. […]