Illinois is expunging marijuana convictions from nearly 800,000 criminal information

If you have been arrested for weed in Illinois, you can breathe a sigh of remedy. Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker just signed HB 1438 this week, which makes hashish criminal in the kingdom for individuals 21 and over, together with sweeping criminal justice reforms designed to assist the ones whose lives had been upended by […]

Several crucial crook justice laws take impact July 1

The massive majority of the bills signed by using Gov. Eric Holcomb formally come to be the law on July 1, 2019. Many will directly impact criminal justice, the prosecutor’s office, and our neighbourhood network. Dubois County Prosecutor Anthony Quinn highlighted some of these new legal guidelines. SEA 551 – SEA 551 lets in mother […]

Conservative advocates of Louisiana crook justice adjustments recount consultation’s wins and losses

Louisiana lawmakers in 2017 permitted a sweeping, bipartisan package deal of modifications aimed toward reducing the state’s prison populace and giving former prisoners a better shot at success on the out of doors. The 2019 session becomes more of a combined bag, based totally on a dialogue hosted Monday night time in Baton Rouge by […]

Is ‘Abolish Prisons’ the Next Frontier in Criminal Justice?

It is published in partnership with the Marshall Project, a nonprofit information corporation protecting the U.S. Criminal justice system. Sign up for its publication, or observe the Marshall Project on Facebook or Twitter. Five years in the past, while the activist and cable TV host Van Jones released the #cut50 campaign to reduce U.S. Prison […]

Criminal justice reform is a long way from whole

Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law and the regulation on wiretapping, both enacted in 2016, had been fully applied at the start of this month, turning a brand new web page inside the reform of the criminal justice gadget that become precipitated through a major scandal in 2010 involving prosecutors tampering with evidence in a […]

Criminal Justice Reform in America: Confronting Reentry Challenges

The United States incorporates approximately 4% of the sector’s populace – and homes about 22% of the arena’s prison population. The U.S. Department of Justice reviews that every yr about 650,000 humans are launched from prison. Helping this populace with a hit transition following incarceration is not handiest significantly vital to the people worried, however […]

Colonial legacies of the criminal justice device

Our criminal gadget remains mired in a sea of previous, colonial-technology trappings. Bangladesh bears the legacy of a device of management of justice from the British colonial rulers who gradually changed the Mughal device of administration of justice, which turned into in most cases based totally on Islamic principles. Colonial legacies inclusive of Penal Code […]

Stonewall: The Tipping Point For Gay Rights. Is Criminal Justice Next?

This week marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall riots which many recollect spearheaded the gay rights motion. The Stonewall Inn was a bar in Greenwich Village wherein homosexual and transgender humans should congregate, brazenly display affection, dance with equal-sex partners and, to a significant volume, no longer be hassled. The club becomes reportedly run […]

Should We Be Afraid of AI inside the Criminal-Justice System?

Rachel Cicurel, a personal legal professional at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, becomes used to being outraged via the crook-justice gadget. But in 2017, she noticed something that taken aback her conscience. At the time, she was representing a young defendant we’ll call “D.” (For privacy motives, we can’t percentage D’s […]