Rico’s TICO BULL – Why did the chook pass the street? Because it changed into trying to break the regulation. Imagine your hen crossing the road, dashing through a pink mild or at the back of the wheel of a dirty automobile or taking a drink of water while riding? A heavy quality or even jail could be anticipating you, proper? It is criminal to have an alcoholic drink as you force provided you do now not get under the influence of alcohol. If the alcohol to your machine surpasses the felony restrict zero.75 g in step with 1L of blood or blow 0.38 mg then you may grow to be in jail for one to three years for under the influence of alcohol-driving. The restrict for ‘professional’ or “new drivers” (under three years) is 0.50 g or zero.25 mg. Article 254 Bis (c) Ley de Transito.

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Red light at night
Running a red mild isn’t any big deal if finished between 10 pm and five am. The motive force needs best come to a forestall and proceed if there is no go taffic, without anticipating the light to show green. Article 104 (c) Ley de Transito.Driving over one hundred fifty km/h will land you in prison, below that it’s far a high-quality and points. Article 254 Bis (c) Ley de Transito.

Right turns on crimson
You can turn right on a crimson light, as long as there is no pedestrian or cyclist or oncoming vehicle.

Around The World
In Russia, you can get arrested for riding around a dirty or muddy car.

In Cyprus, ingesting and ingesting, together with water, while driving is against the law. Also in Cyprus, it’s far a criminal offense to wave or point at demanding drivers while using.

In France, you’re required to hold a private breathalyzer kit on your automobile, however, there is no great anymore for not having a breathalyzer.

In Japan, all people who has provided a car and/or alcohol to an intoxicated motive force and/or a driver beneath the impactor who is a passenger in a automobile pushed by way of a motive force who is intoxicated or under the influence may also be issue to imprisonment with paintings for up to three years and a quality of up to JPY 500,000. Also, splashing water on a pedestrian, whether knowingly or unknowingly, will immediately land you an excellent. In Germany, strolling out of fuel at the autobahn is illegal. This applies to travelers as nicely, who will face the identical penalty no matter nationality. The quality can be from €30 up to €70 relying on the case. However, in line with German site visitors laws, the auto is handled as personal space which consequently allows the motive force to be nude while in the automobile. Naughty Germans.

In the US, a few states have a few bizarre traffic regulations, take a look:

Alabama has a regulation that makes driving while blindfolded illegal. Apparently, in case you are ever caught doing this offense, you can serve extreme prison time.
In South Carolina, no automobile should have a garbage bin in it, (especially if it’s a convertible – cross parent).
In Georgia, according to the law they delightfully placed into motion, no passenger or driver is allowed to spit from a shifting automobile or bus, no longer unless it’s a truck. In Quitman, Georgia, your poultry has to not be observed carelessly on foot by using the roadside, let alone seeking to move the street.
In Massachusetts, you need to no longer have a gorilla within the backseat. The regulation is pretty ambiguous because it does no longer restriction one from having the gorilla seated inside the front seat.
If an elephant is tied to a parking meter, the owner needs to deposit cash inside the meter. You could anticipate any such crazy law to exist in India, but then, you’ll be incorrect. This crazy law honestly exists in Florida.
Birds have the right of way on any public toll road in Utah.
It’s a criminal offense to force a black vehicle on Sundays in Denver, Colorado.
In California, it’s far unlawful to jump from an automobile at 65mph, pressure sporting a dressing robe if you are a female or dozing on the road.
In Alaska, you are not allowed to tie a canine to the roof of your car.
In Italy, your canine has to buckle up. Italians take dog problems quite critically because it is against the law now not to buckle up your canine in case you are using round with it. According to this very bizarre law, the owner of the dog needs to ensure that his/her pet is buckled up earlier than they set out on a ride.

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