Forward-questioning family law exercise is firmly rooted in network + humans

For Maple Ridge lawyer Julia Tchezganova, the possibility to make an actual difference in humans’ lives through her family law exercise is profound.

“A lot of instances where the first factor of touch people have with the prison device, people who may additionally come to us with numerous uncertainty, and often at hard times in their lives. I realize how frightening it could be, and as soon as we talk things thru and increase a plan, you could definitely see the pressure launch that happens,” says Julia, the latest member of the family regulation team at Maple Ridge’s CBM Law.

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“I revel in regions of the law that relate to people and supporting human beings of their personal lives; it’s something that resonates with me.”

Introduced to CBM via a pal and colleague, “they’ve set up such a great and upstanding reputation in the community that I knew it might be a great healthy,” Julia says.

Born in Russia, Julia moved along with her family to Canada as a younger teen, and later earned her law degree from the University of Victoria.

After working towards in Vancouver for numerous years, Julia moved with her younger own family to Maple Ridge several years in the past, embracing the circle of relatives-friendly possibilities the community affords, from trekking to exploring neighborhood farms.

Planning to your destiny

Taking an in-depth technique that prepares for all contingencies, Julia is a skilled litigator who additionally believes within the cost of negotiated settlements wherein viable and within the exceptional interests of the circle of relatives. Her method keeps alternatives open for customers as she enables them to pass ahead to the next section of their lives. “I let them go away from the nest and begin their lives anew.”

Her ahead-thinking approach ensures clients also have mechanisms in the region for solving destiny troubles that may get up –mechanisms other than returning to attorneys or courtroom.

Julia’s great addition to the team has given CBM Law considered one of the biggest family regulation teams within the Fraser Valley and provided further gender balance customers respect.

That additionally speaks to the crew’s collaborative approach – sharing thoughts and drawing on every other’s revel in as wished. When a circle of relatives regulation customer has a tax or property query, as an instance, an answer is simply an office away, Julia says.

“When our customers rent a lawyer, they rent a group.”

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