An 11-12 months-old female died closing night time in a five-vehicle twist of fate on the Major Deegan Expressway, police stated.

It passed off at around 10:30 p.M. When an SUV journeying south hit some other automobile, setting off a chain response pile up.

A guy whose window overlooks the scene at the expressway and 167th St. Stated one of the cars was pinned among a retaining wall and the automobile that smashed into it.

People in different cars involved in the accident jumped out in their vehicles to assist the injured.

Some of them do CPR on people who seemed severely harm till firefighters and police arrived, stated the witness, who requested not to be diagnosed.

Firefighters used jaws of lifestyles device to peel off the roof of one of the motors to get at someone trapped inner.

The witness stated any other motive force also regarded significantly hurt and underwent CPR at the scene.

Several victims, inclusive of children, were taken away in ambulances, the witnesses said.

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