We strongly protest the deportation of some Egyptians to Egypt where they’ll most probably be tortured and forced to make fake confessions implicating them in extreme crimes. Recently, nine “Islamic militants” had been convicted and hanged via the Egyptian government primarily based on confessions received through torture and coercion. The Cornell Center on Death Penalty Worldwide has envisioned that at the least 2,000 people are currently beneath the sentence of death in Egypt. In 2017 on my own, 402 new demise sentences had been imposed and 35 executions performed. In these circumstances, they are deporting them quantities to throwing them to the hungry wolves in Egypt’s safety equipment. The deportation is in gross violation of the prohibition on refoulement below global regulation. The motive of the prohibition on refoulement is to prevent human rights violations. It is embodied in the 1984 Convention in opposition to Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the prohibition on refoulement is considered an absolute proper. Given Egypt’s terrible human rights record it’s miles certain that the deportees will be subjected to torture and inhuman treatment. The Sisi navy regime in Egypt is notorious for the persecution of its critics and opponents. In its 2019 World Report, Human Rights Watch states: “[…] his (Sisi’s) security forces have escalated a campaign of intimidation, violence, and arrests there in opposition to political warring parties, civil society activists and many others who’ve indeed voiced moderate grievance of the government.


“The Egyptian authorities and country media have framed this repression beneath the guise of combating terrorism, and al-Sisi has increasingly invoked terrorism and the country’s country of emergency regulation to silence peaceful activists.” The terrible human rights situation in Egypt is public expertise, and our intelligence business enterprise has to are aware of it. Therefore, why were the Egyptians deported in breach of our felony responsibility to defend them? Who made a choice? Was the lawyer-widespread consulted? The public wants answers to these questions. We are concerned about the decision-making technique in deportation cases. Who comes to a decision, the minister or some police officer? Why had been they surreptitiously deported? We take into account that their households and legal professionals had been kept in the darkish approximately the deportation. This is a bad mirrored image on the brand new government which promised openness and transparency. Our police leader Mohamed Fuzi Harun has alleged that the Egyptians had confessed to being participants of the Muslim Brotherhood. Without disclosing any proof, he accused them of imparting haven, transport and employment for two individuals allegedly linked to Ansar al-Sharia, listed through Tunisia and the UN as a terrorist company. Fuzi’s allegation raises some of the extreme questions. Firstly, who provided the information about these persons’ alleged terrorist link? If it came from the CIA, MI6, Mossad or Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati intelligence organisations, it should be considered with tremendous suspicion. Whom they regard as a terrorist can be our freedom fighter. The US regards Hamas as a terrorist company however we regard it as a heroic countrywide liberation motion resisting Zionist settler-colonialism. We assist and honour their courageous conflict which is sanctioned using global regulation. We need to study the guidelines on our cooperation with overseas intelligence groups to make sure that we do now not come to be sub-contractors for different nations to arrest and deport men and women whom they recall “terrorists” however who are, in truth, freedom fighters or in search of shelter from persecution, oppression and violation of human rights. Secondly, what’s Malaysia’s policy closer to the Muslim Brotherhood? Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have declared it a terrorist organisation. Saudi Arabia and the Emirati rulers placed petrodollar pressure on Britain to do so but failed because there has been no evidence of its involvement in terrorist sports. Lobbying by the Zionist lobby together with the Emiratis additionally failed to convince the United States administration to certify the Brotherhood a terrorist business enterprise. These authoritarian governments have killed, disappeared and imprisoned hundreds of Brotherhood leaders, individuals and supporters. The popularly elected Egyptian president Muhammad Morsi has been languishing in prison below inhuman conditions. A Detention Review Panel which includes British participants of Parliament and senior lawyers, after listening to tales on the prison situations, referred to as Morsi’s remedy “merciless, inhuman and degrading” and said it might “meet the brink for torture by Egyptian and global law”. Given this reality, how many want to the Malaysian government deport Egyptian individuals of the Brotherhood to Egypt? It may be perceived as colluding with the criminals from the Egyptian safety apparatus. The US “conflict on terror” has been used as an excuse by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain to justify their repression of individuals who are preventing for freedom and justice. Therefore, there needs to be no deportation to these nations. We attraction to the government to formulate and put into effect a coverage on extradition that is open, obvious and offers for compliance with the policies of natural justice.

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